Clean Up Your (Food) Act!

My latest published article is called “Clean Up Your (Food) Act!” and revolves around how to start and maintain a strict, healthy diet. What’s different about this article from all the other “healthy eating” articles out there? Instead of giving you the usual either barely usable or very obvious tips, I provide exact details on how to change your diet for the better and avoid backsliding.

Here’s what you’ll read about in my article:

  • Mapping out your diet
  • Don’t just cut things out – replace them
  • Enjoy your favorite things – cleaner
  • How to get good deals on cleaner food
  • Why you shouldn’t give up and how to avoid it

Check it out and leave a comment:

With this article, you may be able to stick with your healthy New Years resolution!

3 comments on “Clean Up Your (Food) Act!

  1. Kirby Weyman says:

    I am happy that people like you talk about these important matters! Good work!

  2. Homepage says:

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    […] Informations on that Topic: […]…

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