Author Chat: Donna Hatch

Proof Positive

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing historical romance and fantasy author, Donna Hatch. You may know her from her Rogue Hearts series, including The Stranger She Married and The Guise of a Gentleman, the latter of which was recently released (check it out here!). If you’ve ever doubted that happily ever after exists in real life, Donna’s books are perfect for you. Even the most unlikely characters can find each other and fall in love, not just in lust.


It seems that most (if not all) of your books have a main female character who defies society’s norms romantically. Would you describe yourself the same way? What attracts you to writing this kind of female character?

I guess I’ve always felt like a fish out of water. To say I was shy and geeky in my school days would have been an understatement. I still…

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