6 comments on “See Your Story Symbolically

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    I love your analogy! This is such a unique perspective. I’m not very good at writing symbolically – my symbolism tends to be sparing and certainly not as deep as yours – but I LOVE reading it and really appreciate other writers’ ability to see things in different ways. Great video!

    • Thanks so much, Daisy! I was so glad to be able to express something like this visually instead of in writing for a change. It’s fun to experiment with different mediums of expression. I’ll definitely do more of those videos!

  2. MM Jaye says:

    That was awesome, Christie! One of your best videos as you show (rather than tell) what’s it like to create a story. Congratulations!

  3. nice video and looking forward to see more..

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