First Writer’s Vlog!

I’ve always liked the idea of vlogs and I enjoy watching them, even if they have nothing to do with writing. It’s great that we have another medium through which to communicate and share our experiences, ideas, and lives. It feels to me like a relaxed chat that you have the option of taking part in when you feel like it. With that in mind, I’ve made my first vlog and posted it today. It has some writing, some TV series obsession, and some frustration with old technology. I hope you like it!

2 comments on “First Writer’s Vlog!

  1. MM Jaye says:

    I’m such a big fan of your vlogs! I loved watching you documenting your NaNoWriMo progress, and I’m thrilled you decided to expand. So sorry to hear about your short story setback… As for VHS tapes, I had lots! Especially obscure art house films of the ’90s but the one machine I had is beyond repair, so there you go.

    Keep them coming!

    • Thanks for your kind words about my vlogs! I’m glad to hear you like them. The obscure films must have hurt to lose – some of those movies can be hard to find on DVD. I hate that VHS players are not that common anymore for just that reason!

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