Review Time! Anatomy of a Darkened Heart

Fellow author Jeremy Croston posted a lovely review of ANATOMY OF A DARKENED HEART on his blog. I’m beyond thrilled!

5 Good Minutes

Hey everybody, welcome back to the blog.  I’m taking a break from old Negative Man today (don’t tell him, he’s already tried to hack my Facebook account) and going to do a book review instead.  I’ve read a lot of awesome books lately from Indie authors, but today’s selection is particularly intriguing.  Before I say anymore, on to the review:


Anatomy of a Darkened Heart

By Christie Stratos

“In a wonderfully twisted way, the dark imagery from this book comes to life like no other. The setting is in the 1900’s, during the Victorian era. It’s obvious the author has a love for the time period as it shows in her writing. She did a masterful job of creating an atmosphere that was just as chilling as the plot of the book itself.

From the first page when the mother shows disdain for her first child through all the twists…

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