I’m so excited to announce that last night I finished the final draft of Locke and Keye and sent it off to my editor! It has been quite a long haul full of unexpected changes and complete turnarounds from the original idea. I started out with the concept of a 10,000 word novelette based on the different customers visiting a locksmith shop, and I ended with over 50,000 words – a full-size novel – based on the locksmith shop’s charming but controlling owner and his carefully picked, loner employees. I’m going to do a video on the painstaking process shortly, including the enormous overhaul the book underwent and how I stayed motivated when things got confusing and my time became limited.

I’ll let you know as soon as I have a publication date, but now I can say with even more certainty that Locke and Keye will be published this fall. Yay!




  1. Super pumped for you! Cheers and here’s to the next adventure!!! Can’t wait to read it

    • Thank you so much, JD! Through this whole process I kept wondering how much harder it would have been without support from amazing writers like you. So thank you for the motivation you gave me! 🙂

      • It is wonderful to hear that I in some way was a motivation. I’m really looking fwd to it and am also happy for you and all you and your work motivate and inspire. Cheers to you and write on and on and on 😉

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