Top 10 Victorian New Year’s Traditions & Superstitions

10 superstitions and traditions of the Victorians on New Years Eve and New Years Day. Fascinating!

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Prince Albert may have contributed the Tannenbuam to Victorian Christmas. The queen did him one better with a holiday even more prominent: Hogmanay.

The Scottish new year celebration gifted England with hundreds of bizarre superstitions and cultural rituals.

Without further ado, VTC presents the Top 10 Victorian New Years’ Traditions:

1. Matchmaking


New Year’s Eve was no extraordinary affair among Victorian high society. But New Year’s Day was marked by a marathon of social traditions. Wealthy Victorians would hold open houses, inviting all the local eligible bachelors into their homes to meet their unmarried daughters. What ensued was not unlike modern-day “speed-dating.” A young man would likely receive invitations from a number of households and would spend 15 minutes or so chatting with the resident young woman (or women) therein before moving on to his next engagement.

Some gentlemen scholars only wish to partake in libations with no interest toward conversation…

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  1. raisingdaisy says:

    Wow that was so interesting! Thanks for posting this!

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