Complete NaNoWriMo with These Tips!

We are down to the last weekend of NaNoWriMo! What can you do to help secure your word count goal? Take a look for tips on keeping your focus and spending your time wisely.

Writing Plan for NaNoWriMo!

Now we’re down to the last 9 days of NaNoWriMo! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Anyway, I came up with a helpful 10 day plan that will keep you on track so you can WIN! Check it out, and if you read this when we have 5 days left or 3 etc., just skip to that part in the video!

Vlogging NaNoWriMo on YouTube

Big announcement! I’m going to be vlogging my experience with NaNoWriMo on YouTube! Every day I’ll have a new video up – that’s 30 days of NaNo videos. Check out yesterday’s on anxiety and procrastination here:

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Book Title, Cover, and Synopsis Revealed

THE DAY HAS COME! NaNoWriMo has begun and I’m off to a satisfying start. I was nervous my novel writing skills would be too rusty to do as well as I hoped, but today is proving to me that I’ve still got it – I just have to dust it off. I think this novel idea has been ripening in my head long enough that the ambiance is set, and for me, that’s the biggest, most important part of writing anything.

On to the big news: to kick off this adventure, I’ve uploaded my book cover, title, and synopsis to my author page! Check it out here, and add me as a buddy if you’re a fellow NaNoWriMo writer: If you’re not doing NaNoWriMo, here’s all the exciting book info!

Anatomy of a Darkened Heart book cover

Some people are better left unborn. In the darkened hallways of a Victorian house, Abigail’s family wishes she had never entered their world. But was it her ominous birth, her already tired one-day-old face that spawned their mistreatment of her? Her intense but purposely subdued nature, her piercing, seemingly omnipotent eyes? Or was it her family’s automatic assumption of evil based on their Victorian superstitions that pushed her to become what she is? Either way, each and every one will rue the day the clocks stopped and she was born Abigail Delilah Whitestone.


I’ll make sure to update you on my progress. If you’re taking part this month, good luck!

T Minus 1 Day to NaNoWriMo 2014!

There’s only one day to go until NaNoWriMo kicks off, and I’m finding myself torn. Half of me is really excited and can’t wait to get started. The creative juices are definitely flowing! The other half actually feels nervous, something I never expected. I keep thinking I should have done more research before this point, I should have done more detailed character outlines and just written more out in general. But then I realize I would probably feel like that no matter what.

I think I’m afraid of not making it, of disappointing myself by either not making the 50,000 word count or not finishing my manuscript. I think I’ve been writing short stories for so long now that I’m afraid I’ve forgotten how to write a full-length manuscript, how to draw a reader in and connect them to the story and characters over time instead of within 1,000 words. I’m nervous the details, the forethought, the symbolism I love so much simply won’t be there.

And then I say, “TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE!!” and realize I help authors with these fears and doubts every day through my editing company. If I were a client, I’d tell me that finishing the book or completing 50,000 words isn’t necessarily the point – getting back to novel writing is really the point for me right now. I’d tell me that details and symbolism can come later, it’s getting the whole idea down from start to finish that’s most important. And about the symbolism, that’s something to be tweaked in a second, third, fourth draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect (or even entirely present!) now. As far as research goes, you can research before, during, and after your writing – there’s no limit to how much or when research can be done. I would say to just get inspired and get writing.

So I’m going to take my own advice.

Tomorrow I begin, and I’m going to focus on abandoning my own fears and inhibitions. I’m going to take the advice I hand out when I’m editing other authors’ manuscripts. And I’m going to enjoy myself, because let’s not forget, that’s also what this challenge is about!