Editing & Acquisitions


Looking for a high-quality, detail-oriented proofreader, copy editor, or developmental editor? Proof Positive is my full-time editing business, and with over five years and more than 100 manuscripts under my company’s belt, we have the experience you need to get your manuscript ready to self-publish or submit to agents and publishing houses or magazines.

Take a look at my editing website to see the services my company offers.


I work with City Owl Press to acquire manuscripts and work directly with authors who write:

  • Urban fantasy
  • Romantic suspense
  • Historical romance (looking for 1920s-1950s or Victorian era)
  • Contemporary romance
  • Romance that qualifies as a diverse book and/or own voices

Manuscripts must either be romance or have a very strong romance thread in order to be published by City Owl Press.

If you’ve got a finished novella (20K-50K words) or a finished novel (50K+ words) that falls under any of these genres and has a unique voice, unique storyline, and makes every word count, send your submission to cstratos@cityowlpress.com. Submissions can be agented or without an agent and should include:

  1. a query
  2. the first ten pages of your manuscript, pasted into your email

See the City Owl Press submissions page and FAQ here if you have further questions.