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From the Dark Victoriana Collection

Abigail Delilah is the firstborn of three Whitestone children – and she is the most regretted.

But is it really her fault?

She can’t help that the revelation of Father’s wretched secret coincides with her birth. She can’t help the fear she feels during Mother’s psychological – and physical – assaults. As the shadows grow stronger over her soul and the noose of pain tightens around her neck, Abigail will find out which is stronger: her family’s wicked assumptions about her or her true self.

Take your first step into the Dark Victoriana Collection with ANATOMY OF A DARKENED HEART.

Multi-layered with motifs, symbolism, and psychological depth, this tale of dark Victoriana will appeal to the literary reader and the leisure reader alike, combining key facets of several popular genres. And don’t be afraid to get addicted – the collection continues exploring the intertwining threads that weave together the complex tapestry of the Whitestone legacy.

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“Brothers in the art of keeping secrets.” This is the mantra Mr. Locke’s carefully chosen five employees must repeat together every day before starting work.

If you won’t tell them your name for Locke and Keye’s ledger, they’ll find out. They have their ways–and many of them. Yes, these talented locksmiths can make a new lock and key set for you. They can even make a special padlock for a diary you never want to share with anyone. But just remember: when they make the lock, they keep a key–and it’s only a matter of time until they use it.

Day by day, each of these young, single, alone-in-the-world workers is being molded into the family they crave. A family in which each member has his use toward an end he doesn’t even know exists.

How do the brotherhood and the town’s secrets interlock? Only Mr. Locke holds the key.

Unlock the second book in the Dark Victoriana Collection with Brotherhood of Secrets.

As a standalone novel, Brotherhood of Secrets’s distinct characters and tense atmosphere create a dark Victorian experience that will stay with you after you turn the final page. As the book immediately following Anatomy of a Darkened Heart, Brotherhood of Secretsleads the Dark Victoriana Collection in a whole new psychological direction while expanding familiar characters and scenes to continue the Whitestone legacy.

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Available Now

*Slated to become an audiobook in 2019*

At 1,950 words, this horror short story is a 10-minute read or less.

It’s the quietest evils that are the most horrifying—their persistence, constant presence, and unyielding terror. Real horror flourishes in its perpetual infliction of fear.

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“Focal Point” is contemporary fiction that takes you on the journey of a woman who is the victim of a slashing when this particular crime was becoming popular in New York. Sometimes strength surfaces through the most painful of circumstances.


The weaker sex? There’s no such thing! Enter Anna, who fights against evil for what she knows is right. Enter Chessie, who must battle prejudice and overcome the torment she holds inside. Read Delia’s story, a struggle against domestic violence. Follow the tale of Apple as she struggles with her demons. And be inside the story with nameless women who must deal with the loss of a child, the inner struggle of uncertain sexuality, the escape from domestic violence, the healing of assault, and the finding of love.

These characters embody the strength of women, strip away the illusion of weakness, and bring hope of things to come. The authors of The Sisterhood bring you these poignant short stories and demonstrate there is nothing weak about women!

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“Intent” is the tale of an Amazonian tribe’s struggle both with itself and to find its place in the rest of its immediate world.


From the Gems of Strength authors comes the second book in the Gems of Sisterhood series! The theme of this book is, of course, gratitude! Meet Detective Cara Solino, a young woman following in her father’s footsteps. Can she solve the case he was unable to?

Find out how Chloe’s mother discovers a way to keep her daughter’s dream alive under the worst possible circumstances! Read about young Lady Iona, a child of the Elven Forest, as she struggles to give her daughter a fighting chance in a harsh world.

Cheer on Sharliss as she finally takes control of her own life, and becomes a better person. Meet Julie, who gathers information on history, and Jody, an elderly dog whose time to cross The Rainbow Bridge is near. These stories and more are within these pages, just waiting for YOU!

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This very short story is an alternate ending to Cinderella.


An important letter to you, citizens, about the Slipper Prophecy and Cinderella.



“Self-Portrait” is the short story by Christie in this anthology, a piece of symbolic experimentalism that is easy to digest and vivid. At 720 words, this is a quick read that will introduce you to a more literary yet accessible style.


Because one voice in your head isn’t enough, here are so many more, as the Awethors chime together with our vast collection of stories and poetry to make you laugh, make you cry and make you feel alive. We are the Awethors and these are our words to you.

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“Piece and Quiet” is Christie’s first horror short story. Centered around Christmas, it’s short and sweet at under 500 words.


The December Awethology: Dark Volume is a mixture of stories written by Awethors. Each and every story is unique, some chilling, others a surprise all relating to the month of December

Because one voice in your head isn’t enough, here are so many more, as the Awethors chime together with another collection, this time of December-themed stories and poetry to make you laugh, make you cry, and make you feel alive. We are the Awethors and these are our words to you.

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  • Reflections of Patriarchy: A Fashion Perspective of Women’s Religious Positions Through the Years – winner of Lebanon Valley College’s Social Sciences Writing Award