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Proof Positive Just Launched!

Good news: I’ve just launched my proofreading, beta reading, and editing business, Proof Positive! What I can do for you: Proofreading – I’ll check for: grammatical errors spelling errors word choice Beta Reading – I’ll check for: grammatical errors spelling errors word choice consistency of tone, characters, and descriptions Editing – I’ll check for: grammatical […]

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Beta Reading Special Offer!

In 2013, I will be opening my own beta reading business dedicated to the meticulous proofreading and editing of independent authors’ works. Before I open my business, I would like some testimonials. What does this mean for you? I will beta read the first 10 fiction manuscripts I receive before March 31, 2013 for free, […]

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Valentine's Day Haikus

There are only 4 days left until Valentine’s Day, a holiday when poems, music, and other forms of art are shared between couples as an extra special way to say “I love you”. To celebrate this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be posting at least one romance-based haiku per day on Twitter. Here are my first two […]

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Uncovering Your Old Works

I recently found a large stash of old poetry from high school and college. I was able to split it into three piles: one for amateur teen angst, one with the potential for improvement, and one for pieces that are already good to go. I think the second pile, the one I can improve, is […]

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eBooks vs. Print Books vs. Audio Books

Instead of preferring one format of book over another, I read all three formats of books for different kinds of literature: Print Books: I read print books most of the time. I use them for research because I like being able to flip through the pages, but most of all, I love owning classic literature as […]

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The Constant State of Writing

There are times when I can’t stop writing, but the timing is not convenient. This happens most often on weekdays, when I write at every stoplight I hit while driving, in between bites of meals, and while waiting to meet friends at restaurants. I almost always carry a notebook with me because of this, and I sometimes even end […]

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Hello, readers! For those of you who are familiar with my writing, I invite you to take a look at all the pieces I currently have in the works. If you haven’t yet read my writing, check out my About page and my previous works. I’m looking forward to publishing more of my work  and […]

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