The Constant State of Writing

There are times when I can’t stop writing, but the timing is not convenient. This happens most often on weekdays, when I write at every stoplight I hit while driving, in between bites of meals, and while waiting to meet friends at restaurants. I almost always carry a notebook with me because of this, and I sometimes even end up using the Notes in my cell phone to type in some ideas if I have nothing else handy. While these massive spurts of inspiration feel wonderful and don’t distract me too much from other things I might be doing, it can be frustrating when you’ve got the ideas you want to write coming in full paragraphs and pages, but not the time to put it together. I sort of have to hit the figurative pause button in my brain and hope not to lose the flow.

Thus far, I have no solution to this constant state of writing which is so often inconvenient. Does anyone have suggestions about this? Strategies? Or is it something with which all writers are stuck? My best hope so far is just to jot down notes at every chance I get to keep myself from forgetting the basic ideas I’ve developed.