Do You Write What You Read?

At some point during my writing career, I realized that my writing is completely unrelated to what I read. This seems very strange to me since it would make more sense if I wrote genres and styles in which I had reading experience. But I am quite the opposite. The only similarity between my writings and readings is that symbolism is ever present.

An example of the disconnect between my writings and readings lies in novels. I am a fan of both classic and modern/contemporary literature, the latter of which is harder to find. Both of these types of readings are in novel format. The only novels I have written so far are science fiction/action, which I don’t read. It’s fascinating to me that there can be such a strong disconnect between things that I think are so closely related for writers.

Do you notice anything like that with yourself? Do you write what you read, or are the two things completely unrelated for you, too?