Monday Thoughts on Creativity: Creativity is Subtraction

Mondays are very sneaky, aren’t they? Just as you get used to living in the weekend, BAM, Monday wakes you up at 6 a.m.

YES. One way I personally interpret this – and I feel there are many ways to read it – is that editing is also creativity. In order for me to write and not edit as I go, I’ll include cliches and wrong words in the first draft of a novel or short story or even poem. I’m trying to get my ideas down, and in novels, twists and turns and psychology. Those are the most important things in the first draft. When I edit, I accentuate my writing style. I delete all unnecessary words and cliches. When I add something, it’s necessary, and when I change something, it’s to make it original. I adjust the character’s voice to sound like them in particular. I consider editing part of the art of writing.

Another way I interpret this is the very reason I love flash fiction, and the shorter the better. I recently wrote two 16 word pieces. I started with something 21 words long and whittled it down to 16 words with careful consideration of tense, anything that slowed it down, every word counting for more than it’s worth, and meaning behind the meaning. I came out with something much stronger than the 21 word version.

My opinion is that creativity is many things, and nothing can be left out. Creativity is subtraction (careful wording), addition (fleshing out characters), multiplication (creating series), and division (anthologies). It’s the only kind of math I care to do.

Monday Thoughts on Creativity: Writer Ingredients

Happy Monday! I hope you have a productive day today!

Here’s something to make you smile. Don’t you love this quote?



Doesn’t this describe writers just perfectly? We are curious in our ideas of what could and couldn’t happen; flexible in our ability to roll with the creative punches and adjust where necessary, usually multiple times (and to sections we’re in love with); persistent enough to finish our works and then go back over them and over them (and over them) until they’re ready for publication; independent enough to publish what we think works well and believe in it fully regardless of whether anything like it has (or hasn’t) been written before; and without a spirit of adventure and play, how would we imagine the things we do?

If you aren’t a writer, I hope this gives you some insight into how we work. I’d love to see this written out for a painter, a sculptor, or some other creative endeavor!

Monday Thoughts on Creativity: DAY OFF!

Happy Monday! I hope you have a fantastic start to the week!

I’m lucky enough to have the day off today, so here’s my (day-off-appropriate) thought on creativity:



A day off means excitement, and I’m going to channel that into writing. Here’s my usual checklist:

Coffee – VENTI
Chocolate – NO LIMITS

That’s it! I’m off to write!