Article Published by Indian River Juice

If you’re interested in why organic foods are better for you, check out my latest article called “Organic Truth: Beyond the Plate”, published by Indian River Juice:

Here’s the lead-in to the article:

“Eating healthy is very important to us here at Indian River and we live by our Grapefruit inspired diet as it’s proven to be very helpful.  Eating organically has so many health benefits it’s ridiculous and this week we have a guest writer that gives a testament to why eating organically is so important.”

Clean Up Your (Food) Act!

My latest published article is called “Clean Up Your (Food) Act!” and revolves around how to start and maintain a strict, healthy diet. What’s different about this article from all the other “healthy eating” articles out there? Instead of giving you the usual either barely usable or very obvious tips, I provide exact details on how to change your diet for the better and avoid backsliding.

Here’s what you’ll read about in my article:

  • Mapping out your diet
  • Don’t just cut things out – replace them
  • Enjoy your favorite things – cleaner
  • How to get good deals on cleaner food
  • Why you shouldn’t give up and how to avoid it

Check it out and leave a comment:

With this article, you may be able to stick with your healthy New Years resolution!

Recipe Book Sneak Peak: Holiday Blondie Cookie Squares

One of the recipes from my upcoming book was just published: Check it out for a sneak peak of the kind of yummies you’ll find in my recipe book. These blondie cookie squares are gluten free, dairy free, sweetener free, and extraordinarily healthy. Lots of healthy recipes don’t taste good, but that’s why my recipes are different – they’re healthy and so tasty, you’ll think you’re eating something naughty 🙂 What a great, guilt free holiday treat! In my book, I’ll have a great faux caramel recipe to go on top.

Recipe Book!

I’ve been mulling over putting a recipe book together for the past couple of months and have finally decided I’m ready to write. It’s going to be dedicated to a particular diet. Unfortunately, I can’t share which diet because it hasn’t been done yet 🙂

I wrote my notes including lists and full paragraphs of writing last night and ended up with 3 pages already. I’m really happy with that. I also wrote some ideas for recipes I’d like to try making. I’ll be making two of them tomorrow, both desserts (the most important things). If they turn out well, not only will I be thrilled to put them into my recipe book right away, but I’ll have two more Thanksgiving desserts!

Happy Thanksgiving in advance, and good luck to everyone taking part in NaNoWriMo!