Three Movies You Don’t Remember Involve Christmas

What defines a Christmas movie? In my opinion any movie that involves Christmas, even if loosely so. I don’t think a movie needs to revolve around it to count as a Christmas movie. That’s why I’ll be watching these movies in the countdown to Christmas. If you celebrate, what will you be watching?

My Reputation
(1946) Drama/Romance

I watch this movie about three times per year. It takes place during winter and has a lovely Christmas scene during which Barbara Stanwyck plays piano and sings with her family. Classic Stanwyck, she must choose between a man she loves who doesn’t fit into her social circles and the “friends” she feels more and more distance from after her husband’s death. Plus her kids don’t want her to remarry yet.


The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942) Comedy

Clever, fast-paced comedy at its best, this multi-star movie takes wit to a new level. Set at Christmas time, a novelist slips and falls outside of an unfortunate family’s home, and he stays there until his doctor gives him the okay to travel again. He holds full conferences in their house without their permission, accepts a number of outrageous (live) gifts sent to him, orders people about, and insults everyone in sight. But the Christmas tree is beautiful and the spirit can be felt throughout! This stars Bette Davis, Ann Sheridan, Monty Woolly, and more.

The Lion in Winter (1968) Drama/History

Not a happy movie so much as an intense one, this involves a king who has imprisoned his queen but brings her back temporarily to spend the winter with him and their sons. He must choose an heir to his throne, a difficult choice among three sons who have very different strengths. This movie is all plotting, planning, scheming, and manipulating with a bit of medieval Christmas backdrop. The all-star cast includes Katherine Hepburn, Peter O’Toole, a very young Anthony Hopkins, and a very young Timothy Dalton. An absolutely brilliant movie.

Picture Tour through a Victorian Weekend Getaway House!

I promised in my Characters’ Psychologies video that I’d show you the Victorian house I’m staying in, so here are some great inspirational highlights from it. Hope they inspire you too!

Victorian house bedroom

Let’s start in the beautiful bedroom I’m sleeping in. Maroon walls, pink bed covers and pillows, and a chest with a story to tell. Ideal for me!

bedside lamp

The lamp at my bedside is perfect for reading. Each milk glass section lights individually and together to give you exactly the amount of light you want. The ambient lighting is also great for late-night writing in a notebook.

bedroom chest view


Damaged chest, perfect bed. Stories are in the making!


mirror and bureau


Little corner of cute.


glass doorknob


The beautiful glass doorknob and lock on my door.


hallway light


Let’s move out to the hallway. At night, this is the lamp that just barely lights the hallway.


blue flowers


My mom’s room is more of a beach theme (the place we’re staying is by the beach), so it’s a white and blue room. The owners of the house put these lovely blue and white flowers in her room as a finishing touch. I just think they’re so pretty!


blue room glass doorknob


Blue room glass doorknob. I love the contrast of colors.


child's view


A child’s view of the same doorknob. The slightly open door suggests a lot of possibilities to me. I also think the light blue on white seems very innocent.


damaged chest


Back to my room for a minute. I love this damaged chest so much!




The paint is chipped away but the secrets remain intact.


darkened light


There is always light in the darkness.




Writer as photographer.




Let’s go downstairs.




Mirror mirror…


This regal lion oversees the family room. He tops off a piece of furniture called a hall tree that acts as a chair, a mirror, and a coat hanger. It’s seriously unique.


carving detail


Beautiful carving details on the same piece of furniture as the lion.




The dining room is always dim, and at night this light casts an eerie glow over the wooden dining room table.







And for the finale, something dramatic.

I hope you enjoyed this tour! This place keeps my motivation and productivity high. Do you have a place that does that same for you?