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Celebrate the Queen of Ices on National Ice Cream Day!

It’s National Ice Cream Day! It’s also a day to celebrate a very special Victorian lady—Agnes B. Marshall, known as the Queen of Ices! Agnes (born in 1855) was quite the culinary entrepreneur and cook in her time, as is evidenced by the four cookbooks she wrote, one of them titled The Book of Ices, […]

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Vote for The Wrong House, Reader’s Choice Finalist

Big news! My short story “The Wrong House” was nominated for the 2022 Reader’s Choice Awards by Connections eMagazine! It’s a finalist! WOW! Thank you so much to the person or people who nominated me! This is the 6th annual Reader’s Choice Awards from Connections eMagazine, and I’m thrilled to be included in it. Would […]

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Book Review: A Gracious Neighbor by Chris Cander

A Gracious Neighbor by Chris Cander My rating: 4 of 5 stars The style and voice of this novel are very well done. We’ve got an excellent Deep POV here—something enjoyable for readers and a great learning tool for authors to study. We have an unusual form of unreliable narrator who considers herself, for example, […]

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Mid-Year Book Freakout: Authortube Edition

Historical fiction author Margaret Pinard has taken the Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag and turned it into an authortube-style tag! Margaret, JC Carpenter, and I did this live, discussing our books, author goals, characters, writing tools, and more. We had a great time! Check out the panel’s books

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3 Historical Fantasy Excerpts FUN Live Read on Lurking for Legends

Watch Lurking for Legends co-hosts Richard H. Stephens, David M. Kelly, and me read (more like act!) live excerpts from historical fantasy authors Anita Stewart, Lindsey Pogue, and…me! This was a highly entertaining episode in which show hosts Richard and David may have finally completed their quest of making me laugh! What’s historical fantasy anyway? […]

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Book Review: Chronicles of the Undead by A. F. Stewart

Chronicles of the Undead by A.F. StewartMy rating: 5 of 5 stars Told wholly via journal entries, Chronicles of the Undead takes us through three people’s journals, all from the same family. Their perspectives on the same subjects are different, but the obsession with vampires is insidious. Stewart manages to keep the dark feel throughout […]

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Review: We Are the Kings by Ariane Torres

We are the Kings by Ariane Torres My rating: 3 of 5 stars At times incredibly insightful and deep while at others overly detailed in irrelevance, We Are the Kings looks at life through the lens of someone who has just lost their grandmother, a woman whose life it turns out she only partially knew. […]

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