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Prohibited Magic is the third book in the Grimoire Society of Dark Acts series. Episode 24 is up on my Patreon—it’s pay-what-you-like—and it’ll go up later on Kindle Vella.

Episode 24: A surprise guest awaits Dark Acts back at their house, and it triggers a troubling reaction.

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What Prohibited Magic is about:

With Grimoire Society of Dark Acts’s magic book and crystal ball in the hands of the parasitic Ruin Rats, Carmichael’s decision to take the Book of Blessings and infiltrate the magical gang has left Dark Acts magically crippled. Gertrude is trapped in Grimoire Assassins’s magical realm; only the never-before-seen Grimoire of Blood can save her. Dark Acts and its allies split up to stop the worsening imbalance in the Magic Societal Universe, an unprecedented state with unfathomable consequences.Prohibited Magic Vella book cover

Episode 24: An Unexpected Return


Her rune stones charged at the Vale of Galdur’s fountain, Thurisaz, Anne ran her fingers over them in her pocket as she approached Gertrude, Humphrey, Luther, and Nigel holding the big Grimoire to his chest. Gertrude was shaking her head and looked to be arguing with Luther already.

Movement caught Anne’s eye, and she saw Finnegan and O’Sullivan ambling from among the graves. To her disappointment, her heart dropped when it wasn’t Knox who was coming toward them. Despite everything, she’d wanted to pull him aside before he reached the rest of them and talk to him. There wasn’t anything in particular she wanted to say, especially after their last private conversation had gone so badly, but something inside her wanted to speak to him alone for a moment. Perhaps the words would have come to her then…if he’d been here now.

She joined the group and noticed Nigel bowing his head to her, his eyes on hers. He was probably just being polite, but she hadn’t seen him do that before. Unsure how she should respond, she gave him a closed-mouth smile and moved her gaze to Gertrude.

“Everyone would prefer if you had a full society,” Gertrude was arguing, “but you can’t go about adding members willy-nilly either. And Jack can’t come back.”

“If Jack were ever to return, he’d find himself in Uruz’s Hell before the first hour was up,” Anne said. “He’s only ever been trouble.”

“Don’t forget,” Luther said, his voice dull, lacking the passion it should have had, “the rest of Grimoire Assassins acted as the shield for you against Little Harpe. If it hadn’t been for all of their deaths, you would had to have fought Big Harpe and Little Harpe at the same time. You’d surely be dead yourselves if it wasn’t for having a second society there to distract.”

What’s wrong with him? Why is he so lackluster?

Gertrude looked to Anne. “I’m trying to remember if he’s always sounded this tepid or if it’s a new problem.”

“I wondered the same,” Anne said.

Luther huffed through his nose but didn’t respond.

“I wouldn’t call it a problem,” a rough voice said from behind Anne, “just a worsenin’ of his brain, ’cause it was already mostly deteriorated.”

Knox’s voice sent warmth through Anne’s body, yet chills covered her skin. She felt that magnetic pull to him, something she had come to both dread and love.

If only something—anything—would be set in stone between us.

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Prohibited Magic Episode 24

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