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For Writing Out LoudFor Writing Out Loud by J.D. Estrada
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This book is a glowing beacon of positivity! If you watch motivational speakers, this is a great supplement, and if you’re on a positivity journey, this will help you along. It’s full of excellent advice on how to: enjoy the moment, avoid judging yourself (and others!) harshly, appreciate even the most difficult times, keep a smile on your face instead of beating yourself up, and a ton more.
The book has sections that cover a specific topic, and within each section are much smaller sections (replacement for chapters) about more detailed topics within the overall topic. It’s easy to navigate so that you can look up whatever you need a boost in and read away. The small sections are about 2-3 pages on average, and the author has a very casual, relaxed way of writing, almost as if he’s having a chat with you.
If you struggle with negative self image, insecurities, seeing negativity instead of positivity, struggling through “bad days”, this book is a good one for you. Let the author talk you into a happier disposition. He’s good at it!
I’ve been reading this before I go to bed and waking up ready to attack my day. I would even classify this as a daily reader for positivity and motivation, although I usually read a few small sections at a time. I highly recommend grabbing this book and keeping it by your side as your positivity companion. It won’t let you down!
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  1. I love his books! His social media is also very friendly and positive 😊

    1. He’s someone everyone should follow and learn from! A wonderful friend and a model of positivity. I hope you read this one and love it!

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