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Alice in Wonderland is 150 Years Old!

I know I’m a few months late on this (read: 3 months late – “I’m late for a very important date” indeed), but this year Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland turned 150 years old. WOW! Even though it’s been around so long, somehow it still seems new. Maybe that’s because it’s constantly being refreshed through […]

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Upcoming Writing Weekend!

I’ve really taken to having writing weekends, but especially weekends away, if possible, so that I can have different surroundings than I’m used to and get inspired. This month I’m going to be staying in a bed and breakfast room that has Victorian era-style wallpaper! Perfect inspiration – you’ll see why below. I’ll be seeing some friends […]

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Black and White Film Micro-Reviews

I have a new endeavor! Just a mini endeavor, but I’m now doing micro-reviews of black and white films on my Pinterest page. Each pin includes the name of the film, year, main cast (usually two to three people), a “star” rating, and the reasons I liked and disliked it – all in something that will […]

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2015 Writer Goals

New Year’s resolutions are not my thing. I don’t think they’re most people’s thing. But this year, I’m determined to make some achievable goals and accomplish them one by one because they’re achievable. I’m not going to promise myself ridiculous things, things that seem out of reach from the start. I’m promising myself things that […]

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10 Gifts for a Fellow Writer

Your friend is a writer and you want to encourage him or her. Whether it’s a hobby or a dream, why not give a fitting gift on any given occasion? From writing tools to writing fuel, there’s a gift out there that’s just perfect for the writer in your life! 10. Pick an ornament, any ornament. These […]

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Literature in Action: In the Mood for Love Analysis

I’ve watched In the Mood for Love at least four times since I first discovered it and can always watch it again. It’s a fascinating study of psychology with a backwards romance plot which keeps you wondering until the end. Watch it and see if you agree with my analysis—and leave your comments! Length: 1 […]

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Skyfall Credits

Was I the only one who was highly impressed with the abstract sequences going on during the credits in the beginning of Skyfall? I found myself drawn in and inspired by what I saw, and I felt like it was a very valid form of art. Did anyone else feel the same way?

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday Haiku

Thanksgiving Plates and pans galore. Holiday over, snack made, Cozy couch, movies. Black Friday They’re all out shopping, Fighting and buying, stressing. I’m home, warm, happy. I usually don’t participate in Black Friday, and this year, I’m using the extra day to further my writing exposure. And snack on leftovers. I was thinking about why […]

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Hello, readers! I’m Christie Stratos, gaslamp fantasy and historical suspense author. All of my works take place during the Victorian era, mainly between 1840 and the 1860s, and I heavily research all of my works. (I love sharing the most beautiful, crazy, and incredible research finds with you in my Facebook group—join here!) Get to […]

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