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Historical Fantasy on Kindle Vella

Welcome to a new version of Victorian America, where magic is a way of life, mourning is a location, and a book is the most powerful thing on Earth.

Grimoire Society of Dark Acts series

Grimoire Society of Dark Acts series new coversGrimoire Society of Dark Acts (Book 1, Complete)

Grimoire Society of Dark Acts Vella coverBored druggist Humphrey Bollington gets a lot more than he bargained for when he stumbles into the Grimoire Society of Dark Acts’ lair. Accidentally becoming blood-bound to the society’s very core, Humphrey must help stop a society of assassins from resurrecting America’s first mass murderers, and returning to his addiction may be the only way.

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Corrupted Magic (Book 2, Complete)

Corrupted Magic Vella coverThrough a forced double blood-binding, Grimoire Society of Dark Acts’s potion mistress, Gertrude, disappears right in front of their eyes. The Ruin Rats, a vicious magical street gang, is out for Dark Acts’s blood. Knox calls on the deadly gang from his past for help, but is the physical cost too high to pay? As if that’s not enough, a new corrupt form of magic is throwing the entire magical universe off balance.

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Prohibited Magic (Book 3, Ongoing)

Prohibited Magic Vella coverWith Grimoire Society of Dark Acts’s magic book and crystal ball in the hands of the parasitic Ruin Rats, Carmichael’s decision to take the Book of Blessings and infiltrate the magical gang has left Dark Acts magically crippled. Gertrude is trapped in Grimoire Assassins’s magical realm; only the never-before-seen Grimoire of Blood can save her. Dark Acts and its allies split up to stop the worsening imbalance in the Magic Societal Universe, an unprecedented state with unfathomable consequences.

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