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Come grab a spot at my half-hour workshop on writing with LIMITLESS CREATIVITY! The workshop is FREE, so please join me Wednesday, April 29 at 4 p.m. Eastern. Whether you’re brand new to writing, on your first draft, or have several books published, this workshop is for you!
👉 Register: https://www.gnionline.com/workshops/christiestratos
🚻 Both girls AND guys are welcome!
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❤️ Generously hosted by Girls Nite In Online ❤️

Register here: https://www.gnionline.com/workshops/christiestratos

Writers Showcase Interviews

I have a few interviews to share with you since the last time I posted, and a wide variety of topics to boot! Long-time bloggers, Oaxaca, and the Dan Marino Foundation have been my latest guests.

Blogging Panel

Wondering what the value of a blog is in the age of social media? Unsure of where to start or what the best approach is for starting a blog? And what about blogs you’ve let lapse for months or years? Can you pick back up with them or should you start another? Join Mandy Eve Barnett,
Marina RaydunDavid Ellis, and Konn Lavery as we discuss this and lots more!

Click here to watch.

Lost in Oaxaca author Jessica Mireles

Jessica Winters Mireles is the author of LOST IN OAXACA, a timely novel releasing April 21 with themes of diversity and self-acceptance as well as music, love, and lots more. Jessica herself is a pianist, and her husband is from the highlands of Oaxaca, so we explored the parallels between her life and her writing—that was just the beginning!

Click here to watch.

The Dan Marino Foundation

This month is Autism Awareness Month, and we’re honoring it with a very special guest! The Dan Marino Foundation (DMF) is a results-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of persons with autism or other developmental disabilities. We’ll have Project Research Manager Lauren Ferguson and Director of Funding and Grants Susan Morantes talking about how they’re continuing their good work while staying at home, Marino Campus, and lots more!

Click here to watch.

Coming Up Next on Writers Showcase

Lorna Schultz Nicholson is the author of the One-2-One series, in which each novel tells the story of a different pair of teens participating in the Best Buddies program at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. Follow the lives of this group of friends who come together with different expectations and problems, seeing the world from their own unique perspectives and facing it head on together. The four books in this series are Fragile Bones, Born With, Bent Not Broken, and A Time To Run.

Click here to watch live on April 27 at 2 p.m. Eastern or watch it later.

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