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Brotherhood of Secrets

How far would you go to be part of a family?

This paperback book comes gift wrapped in Dark Victoriana-themed paper with a key charm, signed, with a special note for you!


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Meet The Author

"Christie Stratos’ writing is seasoned and refined, and she kept making me gasp with surprise, which isn’t easy to do."

“…psychological rollercoaster ride of a book.”
“…finished it within 24 hours!”
“…a story that defies expectations and keeps you guessing to the end.”

“Brothers in the art of keeping secrets.” This is the mantra Mr. Locke’s carefully chosen five employees must repeat together every day before starting work.

If you won’t tell them your name for Locke and Keye’s ledger, they’ll find out. They have their ways—and many of them. Yes, these talented locksmiths can make a new lock and key set for you. They can even make a special padlock for a diary you never want to share with anyone. But just remember: when they make the lock, they keep a key—and it’s only a matter of time until they use it.

Day by day, each of these young, single, alone-in-the-world workers is being molded into the family they crave. A family in which each member has his use toward an end he doesn’t even know exists.

How do the brotherhood and the town’s secrets interlock? Only Mr. Locke holds the key.

Brotherhood of Secrets is a dark and fast-paced read with shocking twists and turns and a memorable cast of characters.


As a standalone novel, Brotherhood of Secrets’s distinct characters and tense atmosphere create a dark Victorian experience that will stay with you after you turn the final page. As the book immediately following Anatomy of a Darkened Heart, Brotherhood of Secrets leads the Dark Victoriana Collection in a whole new psychological direction while expanding familiar characters and scenes to continue the Whitestone legacy.

Amazon   Smashwords
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