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The Subtlety of Terror

The quietest evils are the most horrifying.

*Top 100 Amazon bestsellers list.*


Meet The Author

"Christie Stratos’ writing is seasoned and refined, and she kept making me gasp with surprise, which isn’t easy to do."

At 1,950 words, this horror short story is a 10-minute read or less.

It’s the quietest evils that are the most horrifying—their persistence, constant presence, and unyielding terror. Real horror flourishes in its perpetual infliction of fear.

“In the footsteps of Charlotte Perkins Gilman.” – Amazon review

“A satisfying craving for any horror enthusiast. Warning: once you bite, you’ll be back for more.” – Amazon review

“Psychologically complex, nuanced, intriguing, and dark, this is an excellent short story.” – Amazon review

“Fantastic short read that robs you of the very breath you need to keep reading until the conclusion comes, swiftly and mercilessly. Great piece of fiction.” – Amazon review