Hart of Country Takeover Event Sunday

Today is the day when we finally see the cover for Kris Nacole’s Hart of Country! She’s holding a Facebook event for her cover reveal that will have loads of giveaways, author takeovers, games, and lots more. This is not an all day event, it’s just a few hours, from 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time to 4:30, so be sure to pop in and win some swag, author merch, and other cool stuff!





There will be a great variety of authors, including fantasy, dystopian, romance, and multi-genre authors (you’ve heard of Rocky Rochford, right?!). I’ll be giving away a signed paperback copy of my book along with a bookmark, a tea book and pin, and an Amazon gift card. Here’s the link for you to attend. I hope to see you there!

The Temperament Scepter Takeover Event Today

It’s Sunday and a good friend of mine, Allix Booth, is having a HUGE cover reveal party today!

the temprament scepter party


Look at all the incredible authors on the roster for the party! The Temperament Scepter’s cover reveal party will happen between 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time today, and I’ll be doing my takeover 2:30-3:00. I’ll have at least one giveaway of Anatomy of a Darkened Heart, so be sure to join so you can win!

Introducing the Best Fantasy Books Subgenre Reading Challenge!

With reading challenges galore, I decided to make my own this year. I had a chat with BestFantasyBooks.com, and they have been gracious enough to let me use their site name and their subgenre lists to define this challenge!


65 fantasy subgenres = 65 fantasy books in a year, including ones you’ve heard of (high fantasy, epic fantasy, paranormal fantasy) and ones you haven’t (weird west fantasy, flintlock fantasy, prehistoric fantasy). The list of books has already been chosen by yours truly through consulting BFB’s subgenre lists, both the lists by BFB and the crowd-ranked lists on their site. There will be a poll for a couple of subgenres, so you’ll get to pick the read for them. Currently we’re reading The Eye of the World, an epic fantasy classic from The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

Why am I doing this challenge? For two reasons: (1) to become much more familiar with the fantasy genre as a whole and (2) to help force myself to increase my pleasure reading speed. More details in my video introducing this reading challenge:

If you’d like to read some of our selections, come join the Goodreads group! You don’t have to read all 65 subgenres to be part of the group. You can read however much you want. Hope to see you there!

Book ThanksGiveaway: HAVEN LOST

We’ve reached week 3 of ThanksGiveaway, and the next prize is Josh de Lioncourt’s Haven Lost. Come read my 5-star review of this fantastic audiobook read by Reay Kaplan and enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter.

This week you can enter 8 different ways, and some entries can be done once per day for bonus entries. Enter to win an audiobook of Haven Lost today through Monday, November 16.

ThanksGiveaway Schedule

Monday, November 2 – Monday, November 9: PDF copy of Anatomy of a Darkened Heart
Monday, November 9 – Monday, November 16:  signed and personalized paperback copy of Eva Lesko Natiello’s The Memory Box (U.S. entries only)
Monday, November 16 – Monday, November 30: 2 U.S. and 2 U.K. audiobook copies of Josh de Lioncourt’s Haven Lost, the first book in The Dragon’s Brood Cycle series
Monday, November 23 – Monday, November 30: surprise giveaway!

Click here for my 5-star review and the Rafflecopter giveaway of Haven Lost.

What readers are saying:

“Haven Lost is a joy to listen to… The author does an exceptional job describing the remarkable world that is the setting for this story.” – Audible Reviewer

“Text you wanna ride from start to end with twist and turns along the way. So much love for this book.” – Audible Reviewer

“This novel captured my imagination right from the start.” – Amazon Reviewer


Sixteen-year-old Emily Haven, heroine of the girls’ hockey team at Lindsey High, has spent her young life keeping two secrets: her rapidly deteriorating home life and the seemingly supernatural power that makes her a star on the ice. When she begins seeing visions of a lost and ragged boy reflected in mirrors and shop windows, a series of events unfolds that tears her from 21st-century Minneapolis and leaves her stranded in another world with horrors to rival those she has left behind. Lost amidst creatures of fantasy and legend, she’s forced to confront the demons of both her past and future to unravel the riddle of the mysterious boy and embark upon a journey to uncover long forgotten histories and the dark, cloaked figure in the shadows behind them all. Caught between opposing forces of a war she doesn’t understand, Emily must find new strength within herself and, above all, the will to remember her friends.

Click here to view the review and find the Rafflecopter giveaway of Haven Lost (US AND UK entries welcome!).