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With reading challenges galore, I decided to make my own this year. I had a chat with BestFantasyBooks.com, and they have been gracious enough to let me use their site name and their subgenre lists to define this challenge!
65 fantasy subgenres = 65 fantasy books in a year, including ones you’ve heard of (high fantasy, epic fantasy, paranormal fantasy) and ones you haven’t (weird west fantasy, flintlock fantasy, prehistoric fantasy). The list of books has already been chosen by yours truly through consulting BFB’s subgenre lists, both the lists by BFB and the crowd-ranked lists on their site. There will be a poll for a couple of subgenres, so you’ll get to pick the read for them. Currently we’re reading The Eye of the World, an epic fantasy classic from The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.
Why am I doing this challenge? For two reasons: (1) to become much more familiar with the fantasy genre as a whole and (2) to help force myself to increase my pleasure reading speed. More details in my video introducing this reading challenge:

If you’d like to read some of our selections, come join the Goodreads group! You don’t have to read all 65 subgenres to be part of the group. You can read however much you want. Hope to see you there!

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