A Valentines Love Letter for Indie Authors

It recently struck me how rich my reading life has become since discovering the world of independent authors. To all of you out there who publish books the indie way, thank you for the variety, the diversity, and the creativity you’ve built for the book industry. It just wouldn’t be the same without you.


Valentine’s Day Haikus

There are only 4 days left until Valentine’s Day, a holiday when poems, music, and other forms of art are shared between couples as an extra special way to say “I love you”. To celebrate this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be posting at least one romance-based haiku per day on Twitter. Here are my first two Valentine’s Day haikus:

Your lips against mine
Tell me everything we are
And all we will be.


You are beautiful
In ways I never dreamed; I
am the lucky one.

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Recipe Book Sneak Peak: Holiday Blondie Cookie Squares

One of the recipes from my upcoming book was just published: http://naturalhealthinforum.com/2012/11/27/gluten-free-dairy-free-holiday-blondie-cookie-squares/ Check it out for a sneak peak of the kind of yummies you’ll find in my recipe book. These blondie cookie squares are gluten free, dairy free, sweetener free, and extraordinarily healthy. Lots of healthy recipes don’t taste good, but that’s why my recipes are different – they’re healthy and so tasty, you’ll think you’re eating something naughty 🙂 What a great, guilt free holiday treat! In my book, I’ll have a great faux caramel recipe to go on top.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Haiku

Plates and pans galore.
Holiday over, snack made,
Cozy couch, movies.

Black Friday
They’re all out shopping,
Fighting and buying, stressing.
I’m home, warm, happy.

I usually don’t participate in Black Friday, and this year, I’m using the extra day to further my writing exposure. And snack on leftovers.

I was thinking about why I enjoy Thanksgiving, and realized that I enjoy the cooking and eating, but most of all, I enjoy the hours after it has ended and everyone has gone home. I sit with my mom and dad, eating warm popcorn smothered in melting chocolate, and watch the movie March of the Wooden Soldiers starring Laurel and Hardy. My favorite part of any holiday tends to be the before and after.

What about you? Do you have special traditions that you look forward to more than the holiday itself?