Monday Thoughts on Creativity: PC Penhale Writer’s Syndrome

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, and yet Mondays are still coming around. ::sigh::

A couple of weekends ago, on both my Facebook profile and my YouTube channel, I talked about what I like to refer to as PC Penhale Syndrome. When you want to write, you’re inspired to write, you’re dying to write, and yet you just…can’t. It feels a bit like this Pablo Picasso quote, “If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes”, but for writers, we wish our fingers could do the typing and take out the brain that’s stopping us from moving forward.

I was thrilled that fellow writers in the chat at my YouTube event understood my issue. Fellow writers on Facebook left wonderful messages of encouragement. All of that helped —and thank you! Have a look at the YouTube video below to see the helpful comments that popped up during the livestream.

I want to let you know that writing every day helped a lot, and once I got going, I couldn’t stop! I think all that creative energy built up inside me came pouring out with fervor, so in that way it was great. But I don’t want to let it happen again because it’s painful until the spell is finally broken.

Even if I don’t feel inspired or have the path yet for my “main” work (i.e. the next book in the Dark Victoriana Collection), I have SO many other planned works that it’s not hard to pick one and work on it instead. So I’ll have to make sure that I use my writing time for either my main work or one of those other projects.

If you’re suffering from PC Penhale Writer’s Syndrome, watch the below video to know you’re not alone, and leave a comment so we sufferers can commiserate. Happy Monday!



10 Gifts for a Fellow Writer

Your friend is a writer and you want to encourage him or her. Whether it’s a hobby or a dream, why not give a fitting gift on any given occasion? From writing tools to writing fuel, there’s a gift out there that’s just perfect for the writer in your life!

10. Pick an ornament, any ornament. These are usable all year round in offices or hanging from a doorknob:

9. Aqua Notes for taking notes and writing down ideas not only in the shower, but in the rain!

8. A “space pen for writers who write in bed. It writes upside down and at all angles. You can now get them customized and even as keychains.

7. A coffee gift basket. Need I explain? Certainly not! Here’s a site that offers multiple Starbucks gift baskets:

6. Stephen King’s On Writing. This has fast become a classic in literary advice, inspiration, and autobiography. It’s well worth the read and goes very quickly. A great gift for any writer!

5. Wine with a writing theme. I’ve seen many wines like this, including one with Shakespeare on the label! My favorite so far is Well Read, an oaky red. You can find it at Trader Joes and other places.

4. Book notes bookmarks. Many writers read for enjoyment, but they also study what they’re reading to pick up tips on what they like and don’t like that can be incorporated into their own writing. These convenient bookmarks make it easy for your writer friend to do that along the way in each book they read. Also great for book clubs.

3. Encourage your favorite writing fiend with the gift of Writer’s Market 2015 – both support and opportunity! You can even get a discount on it through Writer’s Digest.

2. Scrivener, for those who need help organizing their writing. Like me. It has helped me immensely, and it’s not even expensive for a software they can use forever.

1. A fortune cookie with a custom message, preferably one predicting your writer friend’s success in the field. They can even be dipped in chocolate!


So there you have it. Fun, useful, and memorable gifts to appreciate the writer in your life. What will you buy or create for your writer friends?