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I often get questions about the future and direction of the Dark Victoriana Collection (DVC). With two novels and two short stories already published, plus an anthology currently being written, my plan is pretty much ever expanding.

The answer is (drumroll please) there’s no end in sight! Which is pretty exciting. I have specific storylines in mind, forgotten historical events/people I want to include (let’s be honest, it’s mostly dark villainous types), and even small details I’ll make sure fit in somewhere, but I’ve realized that trying to pin down a specific number of works in this collection is just not how it’s meant to be. The DVC will keep going for a long while. LOTS of suspenseful darkness to look forward to!

Next month I’m going to compile a timeline of everything I have so far, and I might do this as a livestream for all the writers and readers out there who are interested. I’ll be including not just important dates and both important and minor characters but things as well, which will play a part. I want to do more and more crossovers between books and short stories, which is why the timeline will come in handy. So the two standalone shorts I currently have published will become even more relevant across the collection in future works.

Right now, here’s what I’m 100% sure of:

  • Novel 3 of the DVC – Timothy’s story is coming along with new, better ideas and a lot of culling of old ideas
  • The next short story is based on Victorian era true crime
  • Dr. C.L. Blood from “The Wrong House” will appear again

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That’s all for now. There’s a lot to look forward to with the DVC, so stick around!

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