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I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed – as a reader – by the lovely Adrianna Joleigh, a fellow fiction author and poet. Check out the interview here: http://bit.ly/10qbAI1. In the interview, I talk about what I look for in a book before I buy it, what I dislike in writing styles, how not to bore a reader, and more.

Check out Adrianna’s whole “Inside the Minds of Our Readers” interview series for tips from other readers on what their preferences are. As an author, you can’t find more valuable tips than directly from readers’ mouths!


  1. Thank you Christie 😉 I just saw this! I will reshare it and get some more views for you. 🙂 Great interview.

    1. Thanks, Adrianna! I think your reader interviews are such a great idea. Writers can learn so much from them!

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