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Sometimes I feel inspired to write a particular story or book, but when I sit down to write, I feel overwhelmed, restless, or like I’m simply not sure what I want to put down on the page. I found a great solution recently. I’m currently working on a book that I started a few months ago. I’d felt very motivated to write more on this piece for quite some time, but suffered my strange type of writer’s block described above and just couldn’t continue. But when I thought about taking my writing, which was in a notebook, and transcribing it to my computer, I felt even more motivated. As I typed up my writing, I found myself getting back into the story and enhancing the details as I went with new vigor. I solved the problem without even writing anything new! And now my unusual form of writer’s block is gone.
I hope this will help some of you writers out there get past your temporary writer’s blocks, too! What other strategies do you use to continue writing when you can’t seem to focus?


  1. I get that overwhelmed, restless feeling sometimes too, when I want to write. I’m not sure why it happens, but it seems like I want to write too many things all at once. That’s a great tip you have about transcribing notes, I can see where that would help. I’ll definitely be trying it.
    The only thing I’ve done that *sometimes* helps is to force my mind to slow down by reading a chapter or section leading up to the point I want to work on. That can sometimes help me get my focus narrowed.

    1. Yes, that definitely helps, too. Sometimes after I read a section leading up to the point I’m going to work on, I just sit there and stare at it for a while until I get a few forced sentences out. I always remember these sentences as being terribly written, but when I return to them the next day, it usually turns out they were good. At least all that pain wasn’t for naught!

  2. Nice tip!
    That wouldn’t necessarily apply to me because I hardly ever write on a notepad! Everything is taken over technology. It is nice to see that you still have the habit of actually writing.
    I had someone come on my blog the other day and write about this very topic. She said that what has helped her is to throw in plot twists that she hadn’t planned on, or that she didn’t know would be coming. She has found that the characters end up dealing with these problems based on who they have become, and that she ends up writing a lot more than she thought she would.
    For me, sometimes I just have to write and make ideas flow. Many times I want to start with an idea or have something specific to go with, but that prevents me from sitting down and writing.

    1. Throwing in plot twists, even just as a writing exercise, is a great idea! They can help your characters rise to the occasion or even allow the writer to get to know them better. And it definitely helps with writer’s block. It gives new inspiration and excitement to the story.
      I agree that trying to do something specific in the story line can hamper the writing process at times. Often when I think I know where I want the plot of a story or book to go, it refuses to go that way, or I get writer’s block trying to make it go that way. “Go with the flow” is very appropriate for cases like that.
      But as you say, the most important thing is to keep writing.

      1. I like the idea of characters becoming so “real” that they end up deciding where the story is going based on who they’ve become. It’s very interesting.
        You pretty much summarized what she was talking about. This is what she wrote:
        In the comments she also mentioned something interesting with regards to having strict outlives vs. random plot twists.
        Anyhow, thanks for sharing your tip. Maybe I will try to write something on paper sometimes. I am actually living without a smart phone right now due to an experiment, so maybe I should carry around a note pad for times I want to write.

        1. I’d be interested to hear whether you end up liking the option of writing on paper. I can even go so far as to say there are times when a particular piece I’m working on HAS to be written in a specific notebook. Call it writer’s OCD. 🙂

          1. Sounds like you have your methods! When I write, I feel that my hand can’t keep up with what I want to write, like the way my hands do when I type.
            I will try it…I will find a notepad and give this a try. In the past I have written ideas or thoughts but not full on stories or plots. The idea or thought just helps me remember for later.

  3. I just posted something. I hope it went through. 🙂

    1. Yes it did! And I hope you’ll keep us updated on whether writing in a notebook ends up inspiring you or hampering your writing process. I’d be interested to know. 🙂

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