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Did you know that Grimoire Society of Dark Acts has 26 episodes and is now complete? If you’ve been waiting until my gaslamp fantasy book is finished to read it, it’s ready for you. Below are the links to every episode on Kindle Vella. Be sure to hit Like on each episode—it helps other readers discover the book.

If you prefer to read on Patreon, join at any level and binge-read the whole book under the Historical Fantasy tag!

Episode 1: A Secret Excitement
Episode 2: Shadows of the Abyss
Episode 3: An Impossible Reality
Episode 4: Sworn by Blood and Mind
Episode 5: The Allure of the Crystal Ball
Episode 6: The Weight of Souls
Episode 7: The Living Grimoire
Episode 8: The Heart Extraction
Episode 9: Grimoire Society of Assassins
Episode 10: The Bloody Harpe Brothers
Episode 11: The Vale of Galdur
Episode 12: A Torturous Vice Resurrected
Episode 13: The Lightside Society of Truth
Episode 14: Realm of Darkness
Episode 15: The Most Painful Magic
Episode 16: A Deadly Mistake
Episode 17: A Frightening Discovery
Episode 18: A Dangerous Realization
Episode 19: Grave Communications
Episode 20: The Greatest Threat
Episode 21: Trapped
Episode 22: Worst Case Scenario
Episode 23: Wicked Betrayal
Episode 24: Battle Royale
Episode 25: The Grimoire’s True Form
Episode 26: Debts Unpaid

Ready for book 2? Corrupted Magic is already available on Kindle Vella! Click here to start reading. Or you can read the whole book on Patreon!

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