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I received a message from Alessandra from Italy through my website, but there was no email address included so that I could respond directly. Instead, I’m responding here.
Hello, Alessandra! I hope you see this blog post. First of all, thanks for reading Anatomy of a Darkened Heart! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. I love the Victorian period too, and learning more and more about it to write the Dark Victoriana Collection has been fascinating.
I don’t know of any short stories or books centered around or dealing with Gothic mirrors, but I’m sure there must be some good ones out there. Readers of my blog: if you happen to know of any works that include Gothic mirrors, please comment down below for Alessandra. She would love to know of any suggestions you might have. I’ll also comment below if I come across anything myself.
Thanks for your message, Alessandra, and I hope you see this blog post!


  1. I think it’s so nice of you, Christie, to go out of your way to try to contact someone who didn’t include an email where you can respond to her. Regarding Alessandra’s request, if she puts “gothic mirrors” into a book search on Amazon, she’ll find titles with “mirror” in them, but I don’t know if actual mirrors feature into the story. She can find out if it’s what she’s looking for by reading the description and looking at the sample pages.

    1. Thanks for that, Daisy! That’s a great suggestion. It can be so hard to find a book that includes a detail or even a general feel that you’d like the story to revolve around. I’ll definitely make that suggestion. She did see the blog post and contacted me with her email address this time, so we’re in touch now. There’s always a back door way to accomplish these things! 🙂 Thanks again for your suggestion!

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