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As of today, I’ve been on Kindle Vella for 2 years, and in that time, I’ve published two full-length gaslamp fantasy books and am 9 episodes (20K+ words) into writing the third.

Time has flown!

Originally, I had two goals for writing on Kindle Vella:

  1. To see whether or not readers would be interested in my Victorian fantasy work.
  2. To spend as little money as possible publishing and find out if Vella was worth the time.

The answers are: yes and yes!

The Grimoire Society of Dark Acts series has been very well received, with plenty of reads, thumbs-ups, and 5-star reviews. I’m going to continue writing it as long as there’s a story to tell.

Also, these books will be in paperback (maybe hardcover) and ebook.

On my Patreon, I detailed all the updates I’m making on book 1 (including eventually renaming it Grimoire Magic) and I’ve added more to that list since. I’ve accomplished 45% of the list so far and had to take a break for other deadlines.

Today, in honor of my 2-year anniversary, I started publishing Prohibited Magic on Patreon! Read it now, well ahead of Vella readers!

Grimoire Society of Dark Acts Vella coverCorrupted Magic Vella coverProhibited Magic Vella book cover


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