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You probably saw last week that I posted in a few places that I didn’t have a new episode for Prohibited Magic. I meant to mention that here as well, but the whole reason I had no new episode was being overwhelmed and too busy and stressed…so you can see where this post fell by the wayside.

Instead of uploading the next episode, I have a special exclusive post on my Patreon!

As a lot of you already know, I collect photos of different kinds from the Victorian era. Most I enjoy and then sell for other people to enjoy. But some I keep.

In one of the groups of photos I bought, I found my character Carmichael from the Grimoire Society of Dark Acts series!

While I’d found a cabinet card online that reminded me of another character from that series, Humphrey Bollington, I never thought I’d hold one in my hands that represented one of my characters.

So in this Patreon post, I show you: Carmichael as a child, Carmichael as a new adult (around 20 years old [he’s 35 in the series]), and Nigel at the same age.

These pictures aren’t necessarily exactly how I describe the characters in my books, but they have a look to them that, to me, is perfectly representative of who the character is.

I can’t believe I own these. I’m never letting them go!

You can find them in this Patreon post, along with why I think they represent Carmichael and Nigel, respectively, and what stands out to me in terms of their personalities.

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