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Read My Vellas FREE Through Oct 11!

Forgotten historical figures brought to life. Found family. Diversely aged characters with varied backgrounds. Flawed personalities. Unique magical realms and weapons. Secret magical societies. Victorian-era setting. Read for FREE through October 11 on your Kindle app or via Amazon on desktop! You can gobble up all my episodes in one day if you want. Binge […]

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3 Historical Fantasy Excerpts FUN Live Read on Lurking for Legends

Watch Lurking for Legends co-hosts Richard H. Stephens, David M. Kelly, and me read (more like act!) live excerpts from historical fantasy authors Anita Stewart, Lindsey Pogue, and…me! This was a highly entertaining episode in which show hosts Richard and David may have finally completed their quest of making me laugh! What’s historical fantasy anyway? […]

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Android & Fire Users, GSDA Is Now Available To You!

You can now read Grimoire Society of Dark Acts on Android and Fire devices! Just go to the Kindle app, the Store tab, and tap the Kindle Vella link in the top menu, or you can search for my book title or my name. From Amazon’s email: BREAKING!Kindle Vella stories are now available to readers in […]

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November 2021 Update

It’s NaNoWriMo month! That’s what November is, right? Nothing else important about this month? I’m working on the second book in my unpublished nanopunk books, but I’m also keeping up with Grimoire Society of Dark Acts, so both word counts are going toward my NaNo total count. On November 1, I wrote 2,383 words on […]

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October 2021 Update

OCTOBER IS HERE! I feel like I’ve waited a century for it! Spooky season may now (officially) commence. I mean, let’s face it, I pretty much live in spooky season all year round in my head.  I’m hoping to give my horror short story, The Subtlety of Terror, a facelift this season, but so far I […]

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August 2021 Update

August is one of those months I’d be happy to skip. It gets EXTRA hot, which I don’t appreciate. Let’s face it, it’s just in the way of the beautiful “-ember” months, with their cooler weather, vibrant leaves, and warmer, comfier clothes. So! How did July go? I’m most thrilled that I wrote and published […]

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