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“The Wrong House” is in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch today! It’s wonderful to think about all the new readers who will see it. I would love for you to check out the article and share it with anyone who loves suspense, historical fiction, or even short stories. Thank you in advance—sharing with friends, family, and colleagues is the best way to help me get the word out about my work!

By the way, did you catch my appearance on fantasy author Richard H. Stephens’ live read Facebook livestream? I talk all about being an editor, answer audience questions about editing, and talk about my writing too, including “The Wrong House”! Plus, Richard does his live read/edit afterward, and he’s fantastic to listen to.

I have an upcoming pre-recorded appearance on GoIndieNow’s “3 Act Structure” show, but if you can’t wait for that, I was also on their live show, “In Progress” recently. It was great chatting with Julia Allen and Joe Compton about my editing tips, how to keep your characters and their speech consistent, my writing process, what led me to become an editor, how my editing process has improved my writing process, and more.

Don’t forget to pre-order “The Wrong House”, which releases on December 23! Just $0.99 on Kindle, or if you have KU then it’s free! If you can’t wait and want to read now, join my Patreon at the $1/month level for instant access.

The Wrong House by Christie Stratos

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