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Grimoire Society of Dark Acts

“Darkness can prove shockingly addictive.”

“A dark Victorian Harry Potter with a dash of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.”
“I absolutely love this story! Every episode moves quickly and leaves me waiting breathlessly for the next…and this author delivers quickly!”
“It’s so hard to put down! Christie is a superb storyteller. If you like fantasy, definitely put this on your TBR.”

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Meet The Author

"Christie Stratos’ writing is seasoned and refined, and she kept making me gasp with surprise, which isn’t easy to do."

Darkness can prove shockingly addictive. Bored druggist Humphrey Bollington has no idea just how exciting – and deadly – life can be. No family, no fun, just his pharmacy…a dull life. But a business card found in the gutter holds his interest with the bizarre words Grimoire Society of Dark Acts. Humphrey unwittingly stumbles into a lair of ferocious and dark deeds the likes of which he’ll wish he could back out of. Except he’s blood-bound to the society’s very core.

Grimoire Society of Dark Acts Christie Stratos QuoteGrimoire Society of Dark Acts Christie Stratos Quote