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The other day I had a Twitter convo with a couple of lovely writer tweeps, @Darlow_Life and @GarethBoucher, and we ended up collaborating on a very silly mini story that was SO much fun to play around with. It all came from @Darlow_Life’s idea of mixing my upcoming Victorian-era novel, Anatomy of a Darkened Heart, with @GarethBoucher’s grim, wet world of chavs. What was the result? Victorian chavs! Without further ado, here it is. (P.S. Line breaks indicate separate tweets.)
“You lookin 4 a sticky wicket may8!!??”
…he said in his top hat and bow tie, mustache curled at the ends.
His adversary, an old, decrepit creature of similar garb looked to somewhere of no interest on the ground…
…before flinging his cane out and tripping the younger fool…
who crashed to the ground in a symphony of curses not heard in the more respectable parts of London…
“I’ve never met such an ill mannered time traveler before, even your lame attempts of tongue are foul…”
“Not as foul as the deeds that will slurry your soul, old man…”
“Just wait until the corruption that comes with age straightens out your mustache, young man.”
As the two argued into a cold, unpleasantly wet London evening, the young man began to weep.
The gesture did not come easily, but come it did, and a gloved hand was offered to the prone young man…
and upon taking the young man’s hand, they were transported in an instant to…
a small kabab takeaway shop in Hull around the year 2178.
“Meatless lamb-strich?! What is this madness!” exclaimed the old man.
Hope you enjoyed the silliness! Happy Friday!


  1. HAHA This was GREAT! What a fun idea! 😀

    1. Thanks! It was completely spontaneous and such fun! 😉

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