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As you may have seen in my Inspirational Objects video, I LOVE old keys. They are immensely inspirational to me. Not only does my NaNoWriMo novel take place in Victorian times, but keys are going to play a large part in the storyline. I promised to show my collection, so here is some of it:
old key collection
I don’t have any particular favorite thing about keys. I love the character they carry, the stories they tell just by their shapes, their size, and their weight. I can picture so many different storylines for each one. I love how tiny they can be, tiny enough to hide up your sleeve. Some of them are so thin, I can’t imagine how they could be strong enough to turn in a lock. The horizontal-lying one towards the bottom is the one that happens to fit into the keyhole on my notebook (so cool!).
For my book, I’ll be sketching my own key creations to create something original and fitting since they play such an integral part in the story.


  1. I agree with you – keys can be so fascinating. The old, interesting ones always make me wonder about where they led…which is always a good story germ! It’s great that you have such inspirational prompts for your story. 🙂

    1. Yes, Daisy, I agree that they really get you thinking. Glad you feel the same way 🙂

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