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Pictures to put you in the mood for writing scenes of paranoia and fear.
the clock
Time erodes our lives like fear erodes our confidence.
who's there
Please don’t turn, please don’t turn…
between the shades
Lace curtains can’t disguise bad intentions, but they can distract from the voyeur watching you.
Is someone out there?
“Dolly, look…”
“They told me that house was abandoned. I’m not so sure.”
The windows are closed, but the things we fear remain inside…with us.
what lies beneath
“I thought I felt something tug at my leg under the table…”
I hope you enjoyed this series of pictures and prompts. Leave your own captions in the comments below!


  1. Great photos and captions – very inspiring! I’m ready to write that creepy scene now…

    1. Awesome, Daisy! I’m so glad these pictures helped inspire you!

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