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Intense horror writer Matthew W Harrill (with the amazing book covers!) of The ARC Chronicles featured Anatomy of a Darkened Heart on his site! Read an excerpt of the first book in the Dark Victoriana Collection and get a taste of my writing and the dark ambiance of the novel. Here’s a teaser:

“Abigail was instinctively afraid of Mother, the woman always wearing a stern and somewhat angry expression. She was usually either clunk clunking somewhere in a hurry as if it was somebody’s doomsday or she was sitting straight-backed in the parlor’s stiff armchair, constantly looking at the door as if she were waiting. Whatever she was waiting for never seemed to come.”

Come read the rest here!
I’m currently writing the second book in the collection, Locke and Keye, so now’s a good time to win Anatomy of a Darkened Heart by entering my Rafflecopter giveaway here. Hurry, it ends Sunday!

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