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In spending hours trying to choose the cover for Prohibited Magic, I found there wasn’t anything that suited both the series and the book.

So I decided to hire Konn Lavery, who also designed my website, to design Prohibited Magic‘s Vella cover, and ended up having him design the covers for books 1-3 since the books 1-2 covers only vaguely worked together.

I love what he did with the very basic concept I gave him. He really nailed it!

Check these out!

Grimoire Society of Dark Acts‘s new Vella cover:

This one is based on the Grimoire itself, which is the driver of all magic.

Corrupted Magic‘s new Vella cover:

The knife and its magic represents Knox and the ceremonial dagger that holds his magic, a major theme in the second book.

Prohibited Magic’s Vella cover:

A bit of Phineas Fenn happening here! Doesn’t he look great?

I hope you love them as much as I do! The first two are complete on Vella, and Prohibited Magic will start publishing this July!

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