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I have something BRAND NEW for you! I haven’t told anyone about this so it would be a total surprise. I’ve got a Kindle Vella serialized story that’s releasing one episode at a time! It’s historical fantasy taking place in the Victorian era, fast-paced and loaded with imaginative magic. It’s called Grimoire Society of Dark Acts. A reader has already called it “a dark Victorian Harry Potter with a dash of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.” WOW!

What is Kindle Vella?

Not sure what Kindle Vella is? You can try it for free! Basically, it’s a new offering from Amazon for serialized (episodic) books. You can find Kindle Vella stories on Amazon or via the Kindle app. There is no Kindle Vella app at this point. You can purchase Kindle Vella tokens, which you can spend on individual episodes of various books. You can get 200 Kindle Vella tokens for free to start with, plus all books’ episodes 1-3 are free. After that, episodes’ token price depends on the episode word count. Grimoire Society of Dark Acts‘ episode 4 only costs 17 tokens because it’s 1,759 words, for example. Hit the like button on the episodes you enjoy—that helps them get seen more—and if you purchase tokens, you can “fave” a book, which also helps it get seen more. Make sure you hit the button +Follow Story so you never miss an episode of the Kindle Vella stories you like!

Tell me more about Grimoire Society of Dark Acts!

Why of course! Here’s the blurb:

Darkness can prove shockingly addictive. Bored druggist Humphrey Bollington has no idea just how exciting – and deadly – life can be. No family, no fun, just his pharmacy…a dull life. But a business card found in the gutter holds his interest with the bizarre words Grimoire Society of Dark Acts. Humphrey unwittingly stumbles into a lair of ferocious and dark deeds the likes of which he’ll wish he could back out of. Except he’s blood-bound to the society’s very core.

And here’s the cover:

Grimoire Society of Dark Acts Kindle Vella cover

I’m updating it with at least one episode per week. If you want to read it but don’t want to buy Kindle Vella tokens, join my Patreon for $1 and read each episode as it comes out. 

I have to say that I’m so excited about this! I dug into historical fantasy on Patreon with my short story “The Time Traveler’s Truth” and received great feedback. So Grimoire Society of Dark Acts is my first full-length historical fantasy, and it’s just so much fun to write. 

Please check it out and share it with your friends! It’s something very different, and so far it’s appealing to a broad audience. Enjoy, and leave a like on each episode!

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